Leah Mandala

Hi! My name is Leah Lee and I’m the director of The Found Art Project.

I created The Found Art Project to help YOU. I see you and I know you. Artists, creatives, makers, crafts people, and entrepreneurs working day jobs and two jobs and more jobs to support ourselves and be able to buy supplies while we hustle to work at our passions on the side. We stay up at night to create the things burning in our brains and play the “If I go to bed RIGHT NOW…” game so that we aren’t late to our day jobs.

I organize events around central Ohio for the creative entrepreneur intended to give you the platforms, tools, skills, and knowledge to make your passion your way of living as well. Pop-up shows, gallery style shows, and sales events put you and your work in front of potential customers and clients. Social events will get you out and meeting with other entrepreneurs, community members, and potential collaborators. Educational conferences will provide classes and workshops with business topics such as marketing, caring for your financial interests, and other skills to help you grow your small business and sell your work.

I envision The Found Art Project to be a community helping a community and it needs YOU.

With your help we can create unexpected opportunities for everyone with a passionate, creative soul and we will all create more beauty for the world in some unpredictable places.